What should your favorite shelf provide to you?

Simplicity. Efficiency. Convenience.

About Us

Our mission is to offer a combination of quality products that help central Florida homeowners operate their households simply, efficiently, and conveniently.

My Favorite Shelf is a woman-owned, family-run local, small business. We believe in building a true partnership with our customers. We are here to work with you to meet your specific and unique needs. We listen first. Then, we strive to deliver on our promises and ensure our customers are happy customers.

Debbie McDonough, Owner

I was an inquisitive and adventurous child. I used to ride my bike around the neighborhood, taking random turns trying to get lost to see if I could find my way back home. I'm either a genius or a fool because I could never get myself lost! Fortunately as I aged, my logic became more sound and I found myself looking for ways to make things better, easier -- but still trying to solve problems. Now, the adventure and excitement comes from spreading the word about the solutions I've found.

Originally, I started My Favorite Shelf to help with organization in the kitchen. I'm the youngest of eight children. With that size brood, my mother maintained a very organized kitchen--she said it was easier to be organized and keep things in their place than it is to have to clean. I took what my mother taught me and added logical organization products. Viola! My Favorite Shelf!

I have over 20 years of professional experience. Prior to My Favorite Shelf, I held management positions in software and management consulting firms. At My Favorite Shelf, I am responsible for product and employee development, business oversight, and general operations.

Mary Long, Sales

Mary is one who quickly relates to others. She is fast to understand and has an innate talent to solve problems. Mary has a busy life working for My Favorite Shelf and going to college to study business management. She has about 5 years of professional experience. Prior to My Favorite Shelf, she held customer-service related positions in small business and retail establishments. At My Favorite Shelf, Mary is responsible for scheduling, providing estimates, order fulfillment, and organization of marketing appearances.

Products & Services

Our products are carefully screened and selected to:

  • Fit into a homeowner's daily life
  • Make household tasks easier
  • Enable easy and efficient organization
  • Ensure only well made, quality products are offered to our customers
  • Be considered a "home improvement."

My Favorite Shelf desires to be a true partner of our customers. We are here to work with you to meet your specific and unique needs. We listen first. Then, we strive to deliver on our promises and ensure our customers are happy customers.


My Favorite Shelf always meets with our customers first. We set up a free, in-home consultation to listen to our customers' needs. Then, we offer solutions that would best meet the organizational efficiency or accessibility needs discussed. Before we leave the appointment, we provide a written estimate. There are no hard sales tactics--we understand that home improvements often require consideration. When our customers are ready to move forward, we process the order.

Once the products are available (as some of our options are custom-made), the installation team will contact the customer. An installation appointment is set up, and the installation happens at the agreed-upon time. Installation occurs in hours. It's the simplest, quickest home improvement you will ever have done.


My Favorite Shelf has an exclusive partnership with Abernethy Enterprises--a local contracting and handyman business. All of our products are expertly installed by Abernethy Enterprises' staff. We appreciate Abernethy Enterprises' workmanship and shared business view of integrity and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission Objective:

We strive to offer a combination of quality products that help central Florida homeowners operate their households simply, efficiently, and conveniently. We aim to make a difference through our people who respect our customers and value our integrity.

Our Vendor Partners and Manufacturers

The Pull-Out Shelf Company

My Favorite Shelf is an Authorized Dealer of the Pull-Out Shelf Company. The Pull-Out Shelf Company manufactures 6 different styles of pull out shelves, all custom made from Baltic birch with half-blind dovetail joins for rugged stability. They have been manufacturing these high-end pull out shelves for over 20 years. Pull-Out Shelf products are all made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. For more information about these products, visit www.pulloutshelf.com.


My Favorite Shelf also provides Rev-A-Shelf products. Rev-A-Shelf provides a wide range of cabinet and closet products like Lazy Susan components, blind corner solutions, drawer organizers and much more. Their products are off-the-shelf units developed to fit most standard cabinet and drawer sizes. All Rev-A-Shelf products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Visit www.rev-a-shelf.com to find out more.

What's the Process?





  • "I ordered only one drawer the first time, but after the installation of the first pullout drawer, I immediately called and ordered the rest of the pullout drawers for all of my cabinets. These shelves have transformed my kitchen into new, efficient pull-out shelves, and the installation was fast and painless. I would definitely recommend My Favorite Shelf to anyone who has ever wanted the new modern pull out shelves."


  • I could not be more pleased with the shelves (a back saver) or the installation. Quality all the way!